A Basic Overview Of Our Web Technologies

For those of you who are unfamiliar with the mechanics of web design, webdesignwomen creates your custom website with the aid of several different programming languages and platforms. Don't worry-you don't have to be a programmer to understand the basics of what these languages and platforms accomplish. However, if you're curious, here's a basic overview of what each of these programming languages does. Keep in mind that we can design your website to fulfill whatever need or special feature you have in mind- this is just the way that we go about making it happen.



PHP is a multi-faceted programming language based on C++ that does everything from power e-commerce sites to help make pages on your website interactive. Without going into heavy technical details, PHP acts as a kind of bridge between the user-side of the website, or the part that displays on the internet to anyone who opens your website, and the more administrative side of the website, where the information, or data, is kept. Although PHP has many functions, it essentially takes data and safely places that data into a larger database. Also, it can retrieve data from a database without disturbing any other information. So, to put this into more concrete terms, if someone who is using your website needs to input data such as their name and email address, they can do without corrupting any of your data by using PHP. PHP takes their name and email and puts it into a large database of names and emails, but labels that data as a specific ‘record' that can be recalled again with very specific requests. In other words, if that person needs to change their email address in the future, they will be able to change only their email address, and not the email addresses of anyone else in your database. So, this begs the question: what is a database?



There are several databases, including MySQL, that store information in groups designed by a database administrator. It’s helpful to visualize MySQL and other databases as the master file cabinet in an office. The drawers are the tables; the folders within the drawers are the columns and rows, and the papers inside the folders are the data being entered and extracted from the website. Databases, much like file cabinets, need a file clerk to open and close them and retrieve information. PHP, and languages like PHP, act as the file clerk. On their own, databases don’t interact with anything and hold information. However, much like file cabinets, databases need to be efficiently organized in order to minimize the amount of time a file clerk has to spend riffling through them. That’s why the design of a database can sometimes take longer than the writing of the corresponding PHP; you want to make sure that you group your information in a way that makes sense. Don’t split up information into different tables, and try to avoid redundancy. The more extra paperwork you have, the longer it will take to find the information you need. To use some slightly more technical terminology, webdesignwomen prides itself on designing efficient, sleek databases that utilize the first, second, and third normal forms when designing your database tables. By employing a thorough initial consult, webdesignwomen will understand how and where to group your information so that your corresponding PHP code gets the job done without having to write a whole new encyclopedia of code!



Java and JSP, or Java Server Pages, are some of the first tools used in computer programming for the manipulation of objects on computers, and as a natural extension, websites. As the years have gone on, these languages have evolved and become even better at creating dynamic websites and allowing for the easy integration of mini-programs and functions. Simply put, if you want a pop-up window or a bouncing graphic or another program to launch when a button is clicked, Java and JSP are the tools which webdesignwomen will use to get the process started. There are a variety of other programs that allow for animation and ‘action,’ including Flash and ActionScript. Sometimes, a Java ‘applet’ or application is a much more efficient way to launch a program or animate a webpage than a script in Flash or ActionScript. JavaScript, which is often confused with Java but is an entirely separate language, is used for simple animations, such the roll-over effect on navigation bars, and basic time functions, like having your website always display the current time and temperature of your city, for example. Luckily, webdesignwomen understands the differences and corresponding strengths of each language, and will be able to determine when and how to use the appropriate languages for whatever animated effect you should desire on your website.

cold fusion


In web design, a platform is a kind of all-in-one application that combines multiple web programming languages into a single program that allows you to rapidly design a website without having to break each step down into its own process. Coldfusion is an example of such a platform, and combines Java, JSP, and PHP. This allows webdesignwomen to quickly design your website using all the programs we’ve already talked about into one single package. If you’re interested in some slightly more technical details, Coldfusion’s interface is a lot like an HTML interface, which is to say that the types of brackets, slashes and command terminology resemble those used in traditional HTML programming. It was first introduced to the world wide web in 1995, and was originally based in the C++ programming language. More recent versions of Coldfusion utilize Java as a base language.


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If you want to have a creative web page that is effective in addition to offering bold and innovative design that is sure to attract customers to your site, then you should consider using Web Design Women to design your website. We like to highlight our ability to match technology and creative design to provide a website and web presence that will break through the myriad of mundane websites.

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If your business needs an Internet presence, Web Design Women is ready to build your website from the ground up. We can provide web hosting services that feature the latest technology and through the use of virtual dedicated servers, our hosting capabilities can grow as your business grows.

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The last decade has seen an explosion in the number of websites that have integrated ecommerce pages. In fact, websites that don't have ecommerce pages are becoming increasingly rare. Ecommerce is a fact of virtual life, and webdesignwomen can help you find the perfect format for your online store.

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While great design will always be a vital part of any website, SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, plays a huge role in getting people to come to your website. Without an effective and structured strategy designed with SEO in mind, your website will have a difficult time distinguishing itself among the thousands of other sites on the internet.

Let WebDesignWomen help you start your SEO campaign today!

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